American Community Survey Applications

ACS Profiles
Produce reports for up to four geographic areas over a single ACS reporting period.
ACS Trends
Produce reports for a single geographic area over multiple ACS reporting periods. Reporting periods must be of identical length (i.e. 1-, 3-, or 5-year data). Select only two periods to see change over time.

About these applications

The Missouri Census Data Center's ACS profiles distill the most frequently accessed data items from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) summary data products. American FactFinder website users may be familiar with the ACS-based Data Profile reports on that site. These reports are modeled after the Bureau products, but the MCDC profiles differ in several key ways:

  • The MCDC profiles allow the user to select up to four geographic areas and will display the data for those areas side by side to facilitate comparison.
  • MCDC profile reports display statistical reliability of the data via a three-tiered font-weighting scheme, with MOE-based values accessible by hovering the mouse pointer over any data item on the report.
  • The data used in these reports are stored in datasets that can be accessed and downloaded in various formats (Excel, PDF). Using our related Dexter application, users can easily access these data for every geographic area in the country in a single query. Census Bureau profiles provide data for only one area at a time.

Help and tutorials

Usage notes are included on all application pages, but separate detailed ACS usage notes are also available. You may also wish to review our video tutorials for using ACS applications.

Please contact Glenn Rice with technical issues, questions, or comments about these applications.