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The Missouri Census Data Center's ACS Profiles are summaries of the most frequently accessed data items from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey summary data products.

Usage notes

  • This application requires that JavaScript be enabled in your browser. Please enable JavaScript by following these instructions.
  • Use the form to narrow your results to ACS periods and areas.
  • Periods correspond to specific ACS data product releases. (Note that different period lengths offer different geographic availability and statistical reliability. In general, 1-year datasets are available for fewer areas and are less statistically reliable than the longer periods. Refer to the Census Bureau's ACS guidance page for more info.)
  • Areas include all locations and types (states, counties, etc.) available for a given data period. For area types smaller than a state, an additional "Filter by state" selector will help find the desired area.
  • You may select areas of different types to display in the profile report. The final report may contain up to four areas of any area type or a mix of area types. Click the "remove" icon () next to a selected area to remove it from the list.
  • Additional tips are available by clicking the help icons () on the form.