Census 1990-2000 Trends Menu

This application compares data between the 1990 and 2000 decennial censuses' Summary File 3 (SF3) for a selected geographic area.

Usage & data notes

  • This application requires that JavaScript be enabled in your browser. Please enable JavaScript by following these instructions.
  • Use this form to select a single geographic area to profile. For small area types, additional "Filter by state" and "Filter by county" selectors will help find the desired area.
  • For states other than MO, KS, or IL, 1990 data is unavailable for places (cities/towns) smaller than 10,000.
  • Trend reports for minor civil divisions are available only for MO, KS, and IL.
  • Some area types are available for Missouri only (tracts, block groups, school districts, state department regions, etc.).
  • Tracts and block groups are not equivalent across decades. These profiles use custom allocations of 1990 SF3 data in 1990 units to estimate them in 2000 units.