Census 2010 SF1 Extract Assistant

The U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 Summary File 1 (SF1) contains data from the 2010 decennial census. This data is collected via the so-called "short form", which all residents must complete by law. SF3 (the "long form") has been replaced by the American Community Survey (ACS); MCDC offers separate applications for browsing ACS data.

Usage notes

  • This application requires that JavaScript be enabled in your browser. Please enable JavaScript by following these instructions.
  • For some area types, the optional "Filter by county" selector will help limit the results.
  • Post-redistricting (2012 vintage) congressional districts, state legislative districts, and PUMA levels form a separate group that cannot be chosen in combination with other geographies. (They may be selected together.)
  • Choose "Advanced mode" for many more options, which will appear after submitting this form.
  • Additional tips are available by clicking the help icons () on the form.