Population Estimates

Population Estimates by Age

This application provides population estimates by age, race, sex, and ethnicity at the state and county levels for anywhere in the United States, for years 1990–2015. Source: Bridged race estimates created by the Census Bureau for the National Center for Health Statistics.

State/County Annual Population Trends

Use this simple application to view annual population changes from 2000 onward for all U.S. counties and states. The tables and charts show starting and ending populations for each year, total and percent of change, natural increase/decrease, and net migration. Source: Intercensal population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Population Trend Reports

This application generates trend reports showing change and percent change (total and annualized) at the nation, state, or county level for selected time periods and demographic categories. Source: Detailed estimates from the National Center for Health Statistics. The latest available data are for 2015.

These static MCDC reports cover various geographic areas, summary levels, and time periods. Most of these reports were created with our dynamic report applications.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all reports are in PDF format.

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