ZIP Code Lookup

Use this application to look up U.S. ZIP codes by state, place name, or both. Results include preferred and alternate place names, latitude/longitude, and land area for each ZIP code. Results also include several indicators from the 2014-2018 American Community Survey: total population, number of housing units, median family income (MFI), and percentile rank of MFI.

The complete ZIP code list is also available as an Excel file (8.3MB).

Usage/data notes

  • Rather than ZIP code, the U.S. Census Bureau uses a geographical unit called ZCTA (ZIP Code Tabulation Area) in all its data products. ZCTAs are approximate area representations of USPS five-digit ZIP codes. For more info, see our ZIP code resources page.
  • ZIP codes and ZCTAs change over time. This application uses ZIP code and ZCTA definitions from 2015 and data from 2014-2018.
  • Click on a ZIP/ZCTA code to view a list of available data sets for that area.
  • Click on a latitude/longitude for a Google map showing the location and boundaries of a ZIP code area.